The World's First Action Arcade Nuclear Reactor Control Simulator Game

You are a barely trained nuclear safety officer keeping the reactor cool.

In the extremely unlikely event of overheating the controls will go red. Set these back to green and prevent meltdown.

Have fun, and enjoy your first day at wonderful Three Thumb Island!

Don't Believe Us? Believe These Totally Made Up Testimonials!

Best Safety Simulator

Playing 3 Thumb Island won't teach you how to safely operate a nuclear reactor, but it's the best kind of fun you can have on an iPad!

Lt. Col. Hal Nobudy

Lead Facility Trainer

Fantastic and Essential

Taking classes has never been better. Now I spend all day on 3 Thumb Island. It's like I'm leveling-up in a crazy game instead of actually studying!

Bobby McLackin'A Brain

Class of 2019

Fun and Challenging

I like playing 3 Thumb Island at work. It's better than waiting for something else to go wrong at my station.

Greg Alexander Frittata

Junior Safety Operator